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Focal Utopia

Focal Utopia
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SKU: Focal Utopia
Brand: Focal
Category: Over Ear
  • style: Over-Ear
  • Category: Audiophile
  • Colors: Black
  • Connectivity: 6.35 mm
  • Battery:
  • Price On Amazon: $3999

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Headphone Rating

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9.0 4.5 1
  • Sound 9 / 10
  • Design 9 / 10
  • Comfort 9 / 10
  • Durability 9 / 10

Utopia are THE reference high-fidelity headphones manufactured in France by Focal. They are the result of 35 years of innovation, development and manufacturing of high-end speaker drivers and loudspeakers. Equipped with exclusive technology, they offer striking realism, neutrality, dynamics and clarity, for sound with unrivalled purity. Utopia are unique they are the world’s first audiophile headphones to be equipped with totally open-backed full-range speaker drivers with pure Beryllium ’M’-shaped domes. They meet all the requirements expected of high-end headphones due to their sophisticated and elegant design and to purposeful materiality, such as the carbon fibre yoke and true lambskin leather ear cushions.

Very high-end audiophile open-back circum-aural headphones for low-noise environments

Designed and manufactured in France and equipped with exclusive technology resulting from more than 35 years of expertise

A pure, elegant and sophisticated design due to the carbon fibre yoke and true lambskin leather headband


Pure Beryllium ‘M’-shaped dome speaker driver


Utopia are equipped with totally open-backed full-range speaker drivers with pure Beryllium ‘M’-shaped domes. Once more, the engineers at Focal have pushed back the limits of acoustic innovation and have succeeded in providing a listening experience worthy of the best Focal loudspeakers. The result: a transducer with a frequency response ranging from 5Hz to more than 50kHz without any crossover or passive filtering! You’ll completely forget you are wearing these headphones, and the reproduction of the audio signal is of unrivalled purity.

High-end design


Particular attention has been paid to the design of Utopia, in terms of use, comfort and overall aesthetics. These audiophile headphones feature elegant, high-quality materials, and comfort has been greatly enhanced thanks to the mechanical design which has been optimised to the smallest detail: the constant bend of the headband, an even distribution of weight, the design of the yoke and the memory foam ear-pieces.

High-fidelity cable


The cable supplied with Utopia was specifically selected for its capability to respect the original audio signal, such as its very low impedance (< 90 mΩ/metre). It is totally symmetrical in order to offer extremely low crosstalk (< 70 picofarads). The shielding protects it from electromagnetic interference and allows for a longer cable (3m/9ft.). Finally, the 9.5mm Lemo® connector and the 6.35mm Neutrik® stereo jack enable easy customisation.

Focal Utopia Reference High-Fidelity Circumaural Headphones

Focal Utopia Reference High-Fidelity Circumaural Headphones

Sound Quality


    Design and Form Factor




        Noise Isolation





            • Superlative resolution and transparency
            • Excellent dynamics
            • Plenty of finesse
            • Impressive comfort


            • Too long cable

            Focal Utopia - Specs


            • Inputs Supported Inputs Supported
              6.35 mm
            • Cable Length headphone Cable Length
              4 m

            Hardware Specs

            • Body Material headphone Body Material
              Carbon Fiber
              Memory Foam
            • Diaphragm Diameter The diaphragm size is not necessarily a good indicator of sound quality, but is a factor in how well the headphones can produce low bass or high treble pitches
              40 mm
            • Weight Weight is simply a user preference and metric of portability. It does not indicate higher quality headphones as some brands add unnecessary weight to their models
              490 m


            • Impedance Impedance and sensitivity go hand in hand and represent the amount of power required to achieve a certain volume level. Lower impedance and higher sensitivities are better with lower power devices such as MP3 players or smartphones.
              80 Ohm
            • Sensitivity
              104dB SPL / 1mW @ 1kHz
            • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) Total harmonic distortion (THD) signifies the difference in harmonic frequencies between what's inputted into the headphones, and what comes out. A lower THD is indicative of better sound quality, but anything less than 1% is hard to compare without listening to the headphones yourself.
            • Frequency (Low) The lowest frequency at which headphones produce audio.
              5 Hz
            • Frequency (High) The highest frequency at which headphones produce audio.
              50 kHz
            • Sound Output Sound Output
            • Operating Principle A headphone's operating principle refers to a physical design difference between headphones. They come in three types: open, semi-open, or closed. Open means that air can pass through the back of the diaphragm, preventing sound reflection, and producing a very accurate sound reproduction.
              Open Air

            Additional Features

            • Additional Features Additional Features
              Detachable Cable

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