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Stax SR-009

Stax SR-009
$3,825.00 $3,507.99
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SKU: Stax SR-009
Brand: Stax
Category: Over Ear
  • style: Over-Ear
  • Category: Studio
  • Colors: Black&Silver
  • Connectivity: 3.5 mm
  • Battery:
  • Price On Amazon: $3507.99

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  • Amazon US STAX SR-009 Open Back Electrostatic Earspeakers from Japan $3507.99
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  • Amazon UK STAX SR-009 Open Back Electrostatic Earspeakers from Japan £20,150.35
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  • Amazon CA STAX SR-009 Open Back Electrostatic Earspeakers from Japan CDN$ 5,995.00
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Headphone Rating

The headphone rating is based on review by reviewers

8.8 4.4 1
  • Sound 9 / 10
  • Design 8 / 10
  • Comfort 9 / 10
  • Durability 9 / 10

If a technology is not suitable for music, you should not adopt it even if it is a high-tech.
Every technology should contribute to music reproduction.
The SR-009 is the product of the repeated research trip to technology and material search without deviating from our stance to return to live sound and music always with refined sensitivity.

It will exactly be as a result of “work” each predecessor piled up, if a race, a company, and an individual have “pride”. And it clearly depends on the way of life we live now to inherit it and to bear “enhancement” and “evolution.” Simply this is proven by the fact that the state-of-the-art technologies in the world exist intensively in present-day Japan . Making valuable new things full of creativity by skillfully taking advantage of these technologies has given birth to a “millennium” earspeaker (electrostatic headphone).

The newly developed sound element has been adopted in the SR-009. New high polymer ultra-thin film material called the super engineering plastics – the reinforced material of the conventional engineering plastics – is employed for the diaphragm of the sound element. Materials superior especially in tone quality have been selected to attain the extremely excellent frequency characteristic from low to super-high as well as the vast dynamic range.
New electrodes named MLER (Multi Layer ElectRodes) have also been developed to realize the plane drive of the whole film diaphragm surface. While infinite thinness and flatness are required for the fixed electrodes, they simultaneously need to have other characteristics such as low resonance, high transmissivity of sound wave, and so on. The entirely new electrodes have been completed through the unification of metal plates processed with ultra-precision photograph etching using the high technology of heat diffusion combination on the atomic level.

Aluminum is a metal good for sound and suitable material for audio equipment. It is abundantly used, e.g. at the frame supporting the appearance and sound element, to realize high-quality sound, rigidity and lightweight. Almost every part of the SR-009 is manufactured through precise machine processing.

The high-purity copper developed from the necessity of wiring large-scale integration circuits is also known as high-quality audio cables. High-purity copper wire of 99.9999% (6Nines) purity adopted for the cable is further silver-coated and finished with the most suitable structure to drive the earspeaker.

The earpad of a new design is carefully made by a craftsman’s hand and features both the real leather with good humidity environment and the cushion material with moderate elasticity.
The new earpad enables hours of comfortable listening to music.

Ratings (compared to cost-no-object headphones):

• Tonal Balance: 9.5 (some might discern a very slight region of emphasis in the upper midrange, though I am not convinced that this is anything other than the Stax “telling it like it is” regarding flaws commonly found in modern recordings).
• Clarity: 10
• Dynamics: 10
• Comfort/Fit: 9.5
• Sensitivity: 9
• Noise Isolation: 3 (Frankly, the SR-009’s do virtually nothing to block out external noise—perhaps the price we pay for their terrific transparency?)
• Value: 8 – 10 (Depends on your frame of reference.)

STAX SR-009 Open Back Electrostatic Earspeakers from Japan

STAX SR-009 Open Back Electrostatic Earspeakers from Japan

Sound Quality


    Design and Form Factor




        Noise Isolation





            • The overall sound quality is incredible all through the range from the deepest bass notes up to the highest, clearest trebles
            • Sounds are reproduced accurately. All audio technology introduces some degree of distortion into sounds as they are processed
            • STAX SR-009 earphones are lightweight and comfortable


            • Some STAX SR-009 reviewers have complained that the sounds of the STAX SR-009 are a little “bright”
            • If you are looking for noise isolation, sadly you won’t find it here

            Stax SR-009 - Specs


            • Inputs Supported Inputs Supported
              3.5 mm
            • Cable Length headphone Cable Length
              2.5 m

            Hardware Specs

            • Body Material headphone Body Material
            • Weight Weight is simply a user preference and metric of portability. It does not indicate higher quality headphones as some brands add unnecessary weight to their models
              1lb without cable / 1.3lb with cable


            • Impedance Impedance and sensitivity go hand in hand and represent the amount of power required to achieve a certain volume level. Lower impedance and higher sensitivities are better with lower power devices such as MP3 players or smartphones.
              145k Ω (including cable, at 10kHz)
            • Sensitivity
              101dB / 100V r.m.s. 1 kHz, 118dB / 400Hz
            • Frequency (Low) The lowest frequency at which headphones produce audio.
              5 Hz
            • Frequency (High) The highest frequency at which headphones produce audio.
              12 KHz
            • Sound Output Sound Output
            • Operating Principle A headphone's operating principle refers to a physical design difference between headphones. They come in three types: open, semi-open, or closed. Open means that air can pass through the back of the diaphragm, preventing sound reflection, and producing a very accurate sound reproduction.
              Open Air

            Additional Features

            • Additional Features Additional Features
              Detachable Cable

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